EOC Geometry - Test 7

The following test has 8 questions.

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What is the area of the triangle shown above?
  a. 44 square units
  b. 60 square units
  c. 88 square units
  d. 120 square units


A rectangular pool 42 feet by 68 feet is on a rectangular lot 105 feet by 236 feet. The rest of the lot is grass. Approximately how many square feet is grass?
  a. 2,100
  b. 2,800
  c. 21,000
  d. 28,000

3. In the accompanying diagram, parallel lines l and m are cut by transversal t.

Which statement about angles 1 and 2 must be true?


In the figure shown above, all of the corners form right angles. What is the area of the figure in square units?
  a. 67
  b. 73
  c. 78
  d. 91


  a. 20
  b. 30
  c. 50
  d. 80

6. Quadrilateral ABCD is a parallelogram. If adjacent angles are congruent, which statement must be true?
  a. Quadrilateral ABCD is a square.
  b. Quadrilateral ABCD is a rhombus.
  c. Quadrilateral ABCD is a rectangle.
  d. Quadrilateral ABCD is an isosceles trapezoid.

7. Figure ABCD is a kite.

What is the area of figure ABCD, in square centimeters?
  a. 120
  b. 154
  c. 168
  d. 336

8. What is the area, in square units, of the trapezoid shown below?

  a. 37.5
  b. 42.5
  c. 50
  d. 100

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